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6th Grade Orientation Example A Student's Guide to the IEP Academic Roadmap Advice from College Students (videos) Application for Guardianship Basics of Disability Benefits Benefits for Individuals with Disabilities (Audio recording or PDF resource) Central Directory of Resources CSESA: The Center on Secondary Education for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders Decision-Making Skills Lesson Decision-Making Skills Worksheet Disability Rights of NC- Special Needs Trust Exceptional Children's Assistance Center - Parent to Parent Helping Write Your Summary of Performance (PPT) It's All About You! Get to Know Your IEP Legal Guardianship in North Carolina Legal Rights Self Checklist Module and Resources on Student Led IEP Meeting My Disability Island NC Graduation Requirements NC Public Schools Exceptional Children's Parent Handbook NC Public Schools Exceptional Children's Policy Handbook North Carolina Guardianship Association PATH Example Role Play- Scripting for Social Success SEDL: Southwest Educational Development Laboratory Self-Advocacy Projects Social Security Website Speak Up! Guide- Rules, Rights, and Responsibilities Summary of Performance Form Take Charge of Your Life: Know About Guardianship Talking with your Doctor Teen Transition- Pediatric vs. Adult Health Care The Goals Worksheets The Hangout: Having a Disability To Check your Social Security Account with your Family (video) Understanding My Graduation Options Understanding MY IEP Understanding the Benefits Useful Technology for Student Led IEP (PDF) Weekly Schedule Template Why go to College? (student video) Youthhood Hangout Self-Advocacy and Employment

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